Owner/Chief Instructor Doug Crecelius

Chief Instructor Doug CreceiliusGrowing up on a ranch in central OR using a rifle was a way of life. I shot in a Jr club in the early 60’s. I learned bot action rifles in Vietnam. I coached a Jr shooting team for 11 years. I started competing long distance matches in 2007. Seeing that there was a lot of new techniques out there, I soon started taking classes.
I also started helping a few friends get started in long distance shooting, and decided to establish OTS. For me it’s been an incredible journey teaching students to shoot, and along the way discovering friends who enjoy learning, teaching and shooting as much as I do.
In a nut shell, I love making students successful, and seeing the joy it brings them when they are.

Terrry Marles, Volunteer Instructor

Terry has taken two years of classes from me, and I’ve been able to watch him grow in his knowledge and skills. Now I also enjoy traveling with him to matches and schools. He is a part of another firearms school and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to OTS. One of the things I enjoy about Terry is he is always challenging me to try new ideas and teach new concepts to students. His analytical skills and thought processes make a good sounding board for coming up with new and innovative ways of teaching and instructing.  His calm demeanor and matter-of-fact outlook on life fit in perfectly with our core team concepts. He has become a valued instructor and a valued friend.

Shawn V., Volunteer Instructor

Shawn V.Shawn and I have been friends and fellow firearms competitors for 12 years. We have traveled regionally to rifle matches to compete as a team and to attend training together. We’ve also competed against one another in numerous rifle, carbine and multigun matches. Truth be told, Shawn is the guy who inspired my return to the classroom for long-range target and tactical shooting, after he returned from Rifles Only in Texas in 2005 and seemed like a whole new shooter. There were so many new techniques and equipment out there, and I was outdated and needed to get up to speed. So I attended several schools and learned a wealth of knowledge. Thanks, Shawn! Shawn is our go-to guy for competitive long-range target shooting. He offers vast experience with the strategic use of techniques and gear in competition to our students, and is the best wind caller on the firing line.

Kelly A., Volunteer Instructor

Kelly A.I first met Doug at a carbine match in pouring rain and deep mud. He made tough shots look easy, and it was obvious that he was having a great time despite the challenging conditions. Fast forward several years, after learning the craft of long range shooting in Doug’s classes (one took place in a freak snowstorm in April): I found myself next to him at a long range tactical match. There was mud and snow on the ground, and were all soaked to the skin. I had to do jumping jacks so I could stop shivering for a few seconds and take a shot. Doug had icicles in his beard, but didn’t seem to care. His enthusiasm and confidence were contagious, and I realized that the worst day of shooting is better than the best day in the office. It was just awesome to see the sonic trace of my bullet through the falling snow and hear it hit a steel plate 800 yards away. I’m a contender in long range tactical, USPSA, IDPA, and Multigun competitions. With over 200 hours of training in defensive and competitive shooting, I enjoy learning alongside other shooters. I’m always looking forward to sharing the excitement and challenge of long range and tactical shooting with the students and staff of OTS.

JC Crecelius, Volunteer Instructor
JC instructs a wide range of firearms and tactical skills with a focus on ensuring that whatever the subject matter is, the skills taught are relevant and work in the real world. JC’s passion for demanding and realistic training translates to a high energy, dynamic training environment that encourages students to challenge themselves. JC’s has a wide range of competitive shooting experience including competing in the US National Championships for International Trap, Smallbore Rifle, Standard Pistol, and Free Pistol, as well as competing locally in a wide range of action shooting sports. After college JC went into law enforcement and was eventually selected for SWAT where he is now the lead firearms instructor, rappel master, and teaches building clearing, active threat response, hostage rescue, as well as mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching to law enforcement personnel throughout Oregon. While he tries to maintain a jack-of-all-trades skill set, JC’s main areas of expertise are in explosive breaching and tactical pistol/rifle training.

Debbie Sunnarborg, Volunteer Administrator 

Debbie began her journey of learning to shoot about 6 years ago. She wanted to learn how to shoot everything from a pistol, shotgun, AR, and precision rifle
She is our enabler, as she can demonstrate what is possible no matter what your skill level and abilities are. She has proved to herself and others that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. She has made her cold bore 1,000 yard shot and has hit 1,300 yards on a second shot. Debbie especially working on the firing line with other women to help them ring steel at 1,000 yards when they think they will never do it. Debbie handles administrative duties, including tracking class registration, and serves as our bookkeeper. She makes sure I know where I am supposed to be and when. (Treat her nice because she collects the fees and handles your money.) Debbie is a long-time friend and valued member of our team.