Classes are conducted at COSSA, located 24.5 miles east of Bend, OR, just north of Highway 20. View map

Basic Long-Range Precision Riflery – B
Target engagements in this class begin at 400 yards and go all the way out to 1,000 yards. This is an introductory class covering the basics of shot delivery, wind doping and establishing true zeroes.
Tuition: $250 plus range fees

Advanced Long-Range Precision Riflery – A
A very different class than the Basic class. More of a thinking class than a shooting class. Only reticle ranging is allowed. Learn first-round-hit skills — or refine your follow-up to consistently hit with the second round. Unconventional shooting positions will be taught. Most of the targets will be engaged at around 700 to 900 yards, but we may stretch out to 1,200 yards, conditions permitting.
Tuition: $250 plus range fee
Prerequisite: OTS Basic Long-Range Riflery – B

Tactical Carbine – T
A weapons manipulation course with an emphasis on offensive tactics for individuals or partners.
Tuition: $200

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Class FAQ

How To Register For A Class

To register for a class please use the contact form or call us to check for availability and to register for your limited spot in one of our classes. Note: Classes typically fill up months in advance so register today so you don’t miss out getting in the class you want to attend!

How Many Rounds Do I Need?

Depending on the class, you will most likely need approximately 150 match grade cartridges.

What Caliber Rifle Can I Use?

Something that can realistically reach out to 1200 yards. Nothing over 300 Win mag as it is too hard on the steel targets. If using .308 we recommend 175 grain HPBT bullets or similar BC bullets.